Around my house, if it's not about the books it's about the animals. The hubby and I have four girls that keep us on our toes. We went with two sets of litter mates and didn't learn until much later that girl litter mates almost always spend a chunk of time fighting, fiercely, with each other.  We live the phrase "fight like cats and dogs," although the fights are within the species not between them.

Tubbs is the undisputed queen of the house, at least in her own mind, and demands to be treated accordingly.

‚ÄčElizabeth Spaur

Crockett's our lazy girl. She's happy to lie back and let Tubbs handle the large task of keeping the doggies in line.

Street's our fighter. She doesn't know how to share and is often hoarding toys. Her tendency to keep taking her sister's bones has prompted the hubby to ban rawhides from the house.

Hondo's our dreamer. She'll get into it if her sister pushes her, and she has, but she prefers staring out the windows and dreaming of the adventures that wait for her outside.